Website Accessibility

Have the text read to you

If you can highlight the text you want to hear, a red box will appear. Click anywhere on that box to hear the text read out loud.

Language Translation

To view the site in a different language, please click the orange ‘Translate’ button at the bottom right of any page.

Text size

To make text smaller or bigger, please click the different sized ‘A’s at the top of each page to adjust the size of text.

This will allow you to change the text size to small, normal, large, or very large.

Magnify the screen

If increasing the text size doesn’t make the text easy enough to see, you could also try magnifying your screen. Most computer operating systems allow you to do this.

Use one of the options below to find out how to magnify your screen.

PC: Windows 7, 8, 10 & Vista

Select the Start button, then ‘Control Panel‘, then ‘Ease of Access‘, then ‘Ease of Access Center‘.

Under ‘Quick Access to common tools‘ select ‘Start Magnifier‘.

Windows XP/95/98/200/Millennium Edition

Select the ‘Start‘ button or press the Windows logo key.

Select ‘Programs‘ then press ‘Enter‘, select ‘Accessories‘ then press ‘Enter‘, select ‘Accessibility‘ then press ‘Enter‘, select ‘Magnifier‘ then press ‘Enter‘.

The magnifier will now be turned on and the settings box will display.

You can click in the magnification level box to change the level of magnification, or use the up and down arrow keys.

You can also minimise the magnifier settings box by clicking the minimise button or by pressing ‘Alt‘ and ‘Space‘, then pressing ‘N‘.

Apple: Mac OS X

Open the ‘Finder‘ then select the ‘Apple‘ menu, select ‘System Preferences…‘, select the ‘Universal Access‘ icon.

Select the ‘Seeing‘ tab then select the ‘Turn on Zoom‘ button.

To zoom in press ‘Alt‘ and ‘Cmd‘ and ‘+‘. This zooms to your maximum level of magnification set in ‘Zoom Options…‘. The preview rectangle (black bordered box) shows the area of the screen that you will see at maximum zoom.

To step back or zoom out press ‘Alt‘ and ‘Cmd‘ and ‘‘. Move your mouse around the screen to view the magnified page.

To change the maximum and minimum zoom settings select ‘Zoom Options…‘, then:

use the ‘Maximum Zoom‘ gauge bar to increase or decrease the magnification level.
use the ‘Minimum Zoom‘ gauge bar to increase or decrease the magnification level.
When you have finished select ‘Done‘ and, finally, select ‘Close‘ (red button at the top of the ‘Universal Access‘ window) to return to the Finder desktop.

To turn magnification on or off at any time, press ‘Alt‘ and ‘Cmd‘ and ‘*‘.

Large buttons

We have used large buttons using only one colour so that visitors get to recognise what a linked button looks like, compared to a non-linked box or sign.

Easy language

We’ve tried to use plain and simple English throughout the site to make information easy to understand for everyone.

Opening links to other sites

All links to other websites will open up a new browser window. If you want to return to our website after following an external link, you just need to close the new browser window.

Using our site without a mouse

  • You can use the ‘arrow’ keys to scroll up and down a page.
  • You can use the ‘space bar’ to move down and use ‘shift’ and ‘space bar’ together to move up pages.
  • You can use the ‘tab’ key to move from one section or link to the next, in sequence, then you can press the ‘return/enter’ key to select the link or section if needed.
  • You can use the ‘backspace’ key to go back to the previous page.

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