Take a look at our services at the Healthy Living Centre and start your journey to better health and wellbeing.

It is really easy to access all of our services. Simply call us on 0117 377 22 55 or where applicable download a referral form.


Fitness and Walking Groups

This grouping contains all our services and activites relating to getting fit, whether that’s walking or boot camp!

Weight Management

This grouping is all about weight management, and that’s not just about excercise. That’s your mental wellbeing, what you eat and how you take care of yourself. 

Family Support and Therapies

This group of services is all about empowering you to support yourself and your family in a variety of ways.


These services are all easily grouped for the wisest among us, although of course you’re welcome to browse all the other services too.

Young Uns

This group is for all the under 18’s there and contains a range of activities and services for a variety of ages.

Social Prescribing and Self Help

These services are designed to get you in control of your life and helping yourself, and are made up of many different ways of doing so, including counselling for all different types of people. 

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